About us

Are you Looking for Relaxing In Luxury Boat, Passing By The Most Beautiful City in the World and get the Best Moments with the People You Love…

Our Story

See X Sea started with the sole aim of providing executive cruise services to visitors and residents who wish to have an exploratory cruise experience in Dubai. Dubai is richly endowed with world renowned tourist destinations and it is ranked as one of the most visited places in the world. Modern sea transport has been revolutionized by cruise vessels. However, just a few of the available cruise vessels in the world are licensed to operate in Dubai. Those few are not as effective as most modern travellers want them to be. This is why See X Sea initiated the campaign to change the experience of visitors and residents who choose to explore Dubai’s beautiful coastline. Now, visitors and residents of Dubai using our vessels can choose from a wide range of products and services that we provided to maximize the pleasure and adventure that Dubai has to offer. See X Sea offers flexibility, choice and at the same time maintaining a quality cutting-edge service. With our exotic cruise vessels, all our clients can now boast of executive services that often define cruise tours in Dubai. With our highly qualified staff and innovative business strategies, we assure our clients that we are always rewriting the story of cruise travel in Dubai. Just visit the See X Sea booking office today and be sure that your Dubai Cruise trip is an experience you have never had before.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to transform cruise service providence in Dubai to accommodate the unique demands that define the modern travellers and visitors to Dubai”

The See X Sea mission is to transform the cruise travellers’ experience of Dubai. Visitors to Dubai deserve better cruise services and for years this has been the major let down from cruise services providers. While always charging ridiculously high prices for cruise services and products, most of these cruise service providers have failed to provide their clients with services that reflect what they pay for. See X Sea aspires to ensure that all cruise services clients get the best out of the moneys they spend on our services. We aspire to ensure the cruise services in Dubai live up to the expectations of the modern traveller in Dubai. We aspire to be an affordable cruise service provider serving all types of clients from all over the world seeking the adventures and pleasures that Dubai has to offer. Our mission is to ensure that Dubai’s visitors have something new to talk about; the cruise services. With the revolution that we are championing, we intend to be the leaders in providing high class yet affordable cruise services and products that will enhance the experience of the visitors who visit Dubai. See X Sea has an elaborate strategy on how to attain this mission. Come transact with us today and be part of a team championing change in Dubai’s cruise services industry.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a leading cruise service provider in Dubai with services that match up with the high regard which clients from all over the world associate Dubai with”

See X Sea is driven by a vision in which it sees itself being a global leader in the providence of exotic yet affordable cruise services. We aim to be the global leaders of cruise vessels travelling providing all types of services and products that fully match with the perfection that go with cruise travelling. Visitors to Dubai always seek to enjoy the beauty that has come to define it as the leading tourist destination in the world. We aim to provide services that complement the high expectations of Dubai visitors. We intend to fill vessels on all the popular routes of the Dubai coastline that lead to the exotic destinations that Dubai has to offer. The See X Sea vision is to realize a Dubai in which every cruise client can proudly claim to have travelled in executive cruise vessels without paying the hefty booking fees that are often associated with cruise travel. We have a vision to ensure that all visitors to Dubai use our cruise vessels to every destination which is located within the vast Dubai coastline. Be part of our dream today and rest assured we will always work with you to ensure that this dream is realized. Get in touch with us today and help us make See X Sea the leading cruise service provider in Dubai.

Full Package Cruise

Our full package cruise is designed to cater for all your needs while taking your tour with us.

At See X Sea will ensure you receive all the services that we offer. Unlike all other packages, the full service cruise will guarantee that you get all the services that may not be available in other packages. Our full package is available for all cruise routes. We shall ensure that we tune up our services so that you like every one of them. Just get in touch with us today and enjoy our attractive full package cruise plan.

Operations Management

A luxury yacht operates in an exclusive and complex environment that is global in nature.

In most cases, yacht operations are very demanding and require accuracy to ensure that everything goes as planned. All operations are designed to ensure the comfort of our clients. We rate client comfort as one of our priorities and we always aspire to ensure that all operations enhance such comfort. In order for the operations to be as successful as we always aspire, we have hired experienced and skilled personnel to control every part of the operations that we initiate. We can assure you, our client, that our yacht services will be safe through the expertise with which we manage all our operations.

Safety and Security

See X Sea dedicates all the resources at our disposal to ensure the security of our clients. Our yachts have a history of unquestioned security and safety record.

We have enhanced security features that are aimed at guaranteeing the safety of all our yachts and client aboard them. We cooperate with world renowned security and safety experts to ensure that our clients are as safe as they could be in their homes. Travelling with us should at all times translate to travelling safely and securely.

Safety Management for Yachts under 500 GT

Apart from hiring experts to ensure the safety of our clients and our property, we have invested in technology developed to guarantee cruise safety and security. We always plan ahead and we assure our clients that all eventualities are well catered for. It is our ambition to ensure that our yachts under 500 GT are safe and secure during routine operations. We have on board safety procedures that will be explained to all our clients. We also have dedicated staff ready to jump in and help our clients in case of safety and security issues.